Digital Interviewing: The Ultimate Guide for Hiring Managers

Imagine if there were a way to attract more qualified candidates, assess them faster, and stay compliant with COVID-19 restrictions? Switching from in-person to digital interviewing is all it takes, and it’s easier than you think to make the switch. What Is a Digital Interview? No surprise here, a digital interview is an interview that… Read the full article

Why Whiteboard Interviews Suck (And What To Do Instead)

  Whiteboard interviews have long been a staple in tech hiring. And they’ve been a terrible mistake the entire time. Programmers hate them. They want them to stop. Even some interviewers hate them, but not nearly enough because they’re still a widely used interview technique. Why Are Whiteboard Interviews so Terrible? A recent study by… Read the full article

Why Most Candidates Fail Pre-Employment Skill Tests

Some users ask why so many candidates fail job screening tests. It’s normal for most candidates to fail; in fact —that’s the point. Unlike school tests, which are designed so that 90% of students will pass, pre-employment tests usually eliminate 90% of candidates. This is especially true when it comes to programming, where many people… Read the full article

The Secret to Creating the Best Job Screening Test

The average corporate job posting attracts 250 candidates. How do you quickly figure out who to interview? The traditional method is to eliminate most candidates based on their resume. This is a bad idea. Most people don’t know how to write a good resume, even if they do have the relevant knowledge and experience required… Read the full article

How to Screen Software Developers

Screening programmers is different than screening other employees, and we learned that the hard way. First, you will almost always want to hire an already good programmer. Why not hire an average one and then train them up? Years of experience and training don’t guarantee that somebody will become a great programmer. The large majority… Read the full article